Live Stream – Thursday, April 16 2020

Live – I'm going bonkers!

I was not planning to go live tonight, but I am going absolutely nuts right now! Tell me what's going on where you are!

Posted by Mark Sensinger on Thursday, April 16, 2020

0:00 Georgia On My Mind | 8:14 I Don’t Stand a Ghost of a Chance | 15:14 I Get Along Without You Very Well (Except Sometimes) | 24:14 Christmas Time is Here | 30:57 Last Night When We Were Young | 37:57 Venetian Moon | 45:30 Absolute Zero | 53:22 Dindi | 59:47 Crystal Silence | 1:10:13 Freddie Freeloader | 1:14:26 Blue in Green | 1:19:50 It Will Have to Do Until the Real Thing Comes Along

Song 13

My daughter does a lot of painting, and although she has not had any formal training, she’s really quite good. I got inspired by some of her works and wrote this music to accompany a slideshow of her works.

The main section is in 15/8 time – divided more or less into a measure of 6/4 plus a measure of 3/8. The bridge shifts to 4/4, ending with a bar of 11/8, and a bar of 7/8 before returning to the main groove in 15/8.