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A Theme of Heroic Determination

Yet another piece that had its genesis as a blurb in my sketchbook, this was written and recorded to serve as a part of my portfolio of “sound cue” samples.

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A Modern Twist

Around the end of 2019, I came across a 4 bar melody in my sketchbook and decided to expand on it a bit. I posted to YouTube under the title “A Stately Theme (British Period Drama Music)”. About a month later, I was contacted by a film student from the norhtern School of Art in the UK requesting permission to use it for a commercial they were producing for the Nahemy Kodak Commericals Student Film competition.

Here is the finished spot:

And here is the original post with just the music:

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Tension & Isolation

Another in my series of “theme” pieces. This piece was conceived as a cue for a drama scene rather than a standalone composition.

I had experimented with adding some strings, but I liked it better just as a solo piano piece.

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Melancholy Tango

This is another tune that had its genesis as a 4-bar melody jotted in my sketch book. I expanded it to what might be considered the “exposition” of a sonata movement.

I didn’t develop it any further but posted it to YouTube in this form with the ida that it could be used as an opening theme for a show or podcast.

Arranged for strings and percussion.

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